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From ages 2 to 5, my child has developed excellent social skills through a fun, Japanese based environment. 8 years after my child graduating, I am extremely thankful for Tsukushi Daycare valuing individuality and being a comfortable space for children and always being welcoming towards them. (K.Y.)

My son enrolled in Tsukushi Daycare from ages 3 to 4. The Japanese lunches, while already impressive, allowed my son to explore food that he doesn't usually eat. I also appreciate that Tsukushi’s activities were more fun oriented and weren’t hesitant on getting the children dirty despite the hassle of cleaning them up later. (K.M.)

Over several years, all 4 of my children have attended Tsukushi Daycare. Very safe and clean environment, as well as very enthusiastic, kind staff. As a japanese family living in the United States, I truly appreciate giving my children exposure to Japanese language and culture, which we still appreciate to this day. (A.B.)

I was always planning on having my children enrolling in this daycare when I heard about it, even before i had children. I built up pretty high expectations over the years, and when the time finally came for my child to enroll, all my expectations were exceeded. The way the staff interacts with the children to accentuate their personality, and then repost back in great detail on what happened at the daycare gave me a lot of relief while being away from my child. I am very appreciative of Tsukushi Daycare for being a fun, welcoming environment for not only my child but us as a whole family. (K.T.)

Welcoming my children who were a little late on learning Japanese and appropriately disciplining them when needed, Tsukushi Daycare made us feel like they are a part of our family. The DIY crafts and homemade lunches, as well as reporting back to parents about the day at the daycare made me acknowledge that my children were very welcomed and comfortable. (C.N.)

My son was one of the first group of children who enrolled Tsukushi Daycare since their grand opening. When we happen to drive by Tsukushi we reminisce on how much fun it was to attend, as well as sometimes getting way too excited and being scolded, but still overall a very precious memory. While the first few years of parenting were a bit confusing and overwhelming, it was relieving to hear advice from other staff, as well as helping my son find himself through socializing and playing with other kids and doing various activities, arts and crafts. In conclusion, I feel that Tsukushi Daycare is a huge part of our infrastructure as a family and we are very grateful. (M.N.)

We enrolled at the time of Tsukushi Daycare’s opening, while our daughter was 2 years old at the time (now 11). She loved the seasonal activities, Japanese food, music time, and playing outside. The staff look over children very carefully, and I am glad my daughter had a very fulfilling daycare experience. (E.T.)

My kids loved the very enthusiastic staff, and even several years after graduating, they still talk about how much fun Tsukushi Daycare was. All the staff members interact with and build a relationship with all the children on a very 1-on-1 basis, helping us parents seamlessly catch up on what we missed while we were away. I truly treasure the time and effort Tsukushi Daycare put in to help raise my kids and help them develop social skills and have a great time. (Y.S.)

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